The Community Giveback:

Dance 4 Ur City

Direct funding and mutual aid for our neighbors, friends, and beautiful community
Dance 4 Ur City is a monthly livestream event aimed at raising money for a different local cause each time. with the current state of affairs across america and the entire world, we can no longer rely on the institutions of state and national governments to project us and help us. mutual aid is in the spotlight again (although it's always existed) and more people are finally seeing the benefits, power, influence, and positive effects of the concept. Dance 4 Ur City defines mutual aid as a way for participants to experience joy (through music), intimate connection (through livestream chat), exposure and practice (through performing, donating, and volunteering), all while simultaneously raising funds that will go where we can see them being used: right here in detroit.
every event features a giveaway. so each $5 donation acts as a raffle ticket towards the giveaway prize. prizes will all be local; like an art piece from a favorite detroit artist, or a gift card to your favorite detroit business. at the end of each event, the donation total will be tallied up and sent off to a different local detroit cause each time.
link up   spread joy   uplift each other 
  give back   
support your scene    dance to heal your soul   
 work together to make a difference

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